How to Write an Effective Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay structure is usually characterized by long, detailed paragraphs that contain many main ideas. The arguments are often presented from a viewpoint rather than from the topic or point of view of the research study being written about. It is a very powerful style of essay that can be argued to have very strong implications for the reader. Many times, these essays are used as tools or weapons to bring about change, to influence people to change their views or beliefs, or even to sway public opinion. Because of its power, the essay has been used in many different settings and has been successful in achieving some goals.

An argumentative essay structure consists of five main parts:

  • the introduction paragraph
  • the thesis paragraph
  • the main body of the essay
  • the conclusion paragraph
  • the conclusion.

In your essay, you will want to create five points, each supporting one of the five main arguments. These arguments are then backed up with additional arguments to strengthen them. It also helps to make your argumentative essay very detailed and to have very good solid argumentation. Your argument must be supported by at least three different paragraphs. This gives the impression that you have covered a wide range of topics and are very knowledgeable on the subject matter.

The introduction of your argumentative essay structure is the first part, generally consisting of just a couple sentences that briefly outline your topic. This is the part where you restate your main points in your paragraph. Each paragraph of your argumentative essay structure should have a separate paragraph that restates your main point. You may wish to write a couple different drafts so that you can change any paragraphs that do not make sense. Once you feel as though you have completely explained your argument, you can then turn your attention to your supportive arguments, writing a couple more paragraphs about each.

The next part of your argumentative essay structure is the thesis paragraph. If you cannot convince your reader that your argument is correct, he or she will likely move onto another argument. This is the section that needs to contain strong arguments that justify your position on the topic. You will need to use strong arguments in support of both your main point and any other supporting arguments that you may include.

Another important part of your argumentative essay structure is the conclusion paragraph. This is where you summarize all of your strong arguments and explain why you believe this to be true. You will need to do an entire essay outline before writing this part, making sure that all of your strongest arguments are covered. You will probably wish to write this part first, as it will be easier to edit and proofread when you have already written out your outline.

Final Words

When you are done with your argumentative essays, you should make sure to answer the question posed. Do not forget to indicate who is right and who is wrong. Argumentative essay examples can provide you with the perfect format for your arguments. However, the best way to approach argumentative essay topics is to start with an overview of the topic, write up a first draft, and then revise it until you are satisfied with it. Then you can add in all of your strongest points.