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ACT Missouri’s “Prevention Day at the Capitol”

January 19, 2012 | by ACT Missouri

ACT Missouri’s “Prevention Day at the Capitol”

As the statewide training and resource center on the topic of substance abuse prevention, we were often invited to speak to different statewide agencies that prevent something other than substance abuse (child abuse, workplace safety, STDs, etc.).  In doing so, we realized that a lot of prevention efforts parallel each other, yet there wasn’t a good forum for sharing these ideas across the “prevention silos” that existed in our state.

Last legislative session, ACT Missouri sponsored a “Prevention Day at the Capitol” as a way for prevention professionals to connect with each other and share successful stories from their prevention field. We rented out the Capitol lawn and had tables for each attendee to showcase a successful action they’ve taken in their community.

Attendees were asked to bring specific elements of successful campaigns or events that worked in their respective communities, rather than the generic brochures/ booth-in-a-box items that are so often brought to these types of events. Some people brought examples of press releases that media outlets picked up. Others brought examples of door hangers that they used to spread the word about a new drug drop box in the community.  Others brought survey questions that garnered great data for their campaigns. 

The photo below shows an example of our Recovery Ribbon Campaign that we ran and found successful in 2010, so we displayed it at Prevention Day.  Through various recovery events, we distributed ribbons that represented years of sober time. The ribbons got people talking about at the various events held during Recovery Month. Our table showed the posters that went with the campaign as well as the ribbons themselves.

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