Community Education Programs: Drug Prevention and Early Intervention Education for Parents and Youth

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*** Youth360 (wreckED) has been updated and moved to the Above the Influence Partners site.  Please visit this site and look at the list of Toolkits. ***



Youth360 (wreckED) is a community-based program designed to educate youth about substance abuse through an engaging presentation meant to challenge their behavior toward drugs and alcohol.  The program provides the opportunity for teens to fully reflect upon the choices and consequences associated with alcohol and drug abuse and to continually keep themselves and their friends in check.

Questions and Answers

What are the Youth360 program components?

There are three components to the wreckED program that you can use interchangeably, including:

  • Video: A ten-minute video depicting various aspects of today’s drug and alcohol scene, showing real-life teens talking about their own addiction and recovery experiences.

  • Card Game: An interactive card game designed to encourage teens to talk about the issues presented in the video, simulating real-life choices, behaviors and consequences.

  • Group Discussion: The facilitator continues the conversation with teens to underscore the importance of taking personal responsibility for their own actions.

How can I bring Youth360 to my community?

There are two easy ways you can bring Youth360 to your community:

  • Become a Facilitator: Deliver presentations to audiences within your community, help organize the program by arranging logistics, respond to community requests for presentations and schedule presenters.

  • Become a Champion: Contact key players, introduce them to the presentation and lead the process to help make your community healthier and safer.

How do I get Youth360 program materials?

Program materials have been moved the Above the Influence Partners site at