Community Education Programs: Drug Prevention and Early Intervention Education for Parents and Youth

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Meth360 is a program that challenges concerned citizens to educate themselves about the dangers of methamphetamine and help stop the spread of this damaging and dangerous drug in their communities.


Meth360® is a methamphetamine prevention program uniting law enforcement, treatment professionals and prevention professionals to deliver meth prevention education presentations to local communities. The audience learns about all aspects of meth from experts with diverse perspectives on the issue–a true "360-degree" view. Informative and motivational, Meth360 also challenges concerned citizens to educate themselves about the dangers of meth and take action to stop the spread of this dangerous drug.

Questions and Answers

How can I bring Meth360 to my community?

There are three easy ways you can bring Meth360 to your community:

  • Become a Presenter:Team up with law enforcement officials, substance abuse providers, educators or other community stakeholders to co-deliver presentations to audiences within your community.

  • Become a Coordinator: Help organize the program by arranging logistics, responding to community requests for presentations and scheduling presenters.
  • Become a Champion: Contact key players, introduce them to the presentation and lead the process to help make your community healthier and safer.

I’m interested in becoming a presenter or coordinator, but I want more information before I download all the materials. Where do I start?

You can become a presenter or a coordinator by completing the Online Training. The training takes 45 minutes and the subject matter is divided into an introduction and six chapters.  You can stop at any time and return later to finish the training.

How do I get Meth360 program materials?

Visit the PACT360 Guides & Training Materials page to download and view all program materials.