Community Education Programs: Drug Prevention and Early Intervention Education for Parents and Youth

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PACT360 Learning Center

Welcome to the PACT360 Learning Center.

Here, you can learn about many aspects of the substance abuse issue, and what communities and individuals can do to prevent and address the problems created by substance abuse.

Below, please find a list of slidecasts and videos as well as e-books and other documents that The Partnership has developed.

To be notified about PACT360 webinars and other real-time learning opportunities, please be sure to register as a member of the PACT360 community.  If you belong to a group or organization that would like to receive online training, please contact us.


Slidecasts are online presentations that include an audio track.

Meth360 Online Learning:  Meth360 Online Learning increases viewers' understanding of the meth issues and helps prepare presenters to deliver the Meth360 presentation.

Meth360:  Five slidecasts show the sections of the Meth360 presentation.

Parents360View the Parents360 presentation -- a recording of a webinar delivered to the National Sheriffs' Association's USA on Watch program.

Parents360 Rx Action Toolkit Overview:  This slidecast shows how to use and share the Parents360 Rx Action toolkit.

Parents360 Medicine Abuse Module:  What is medicine abuse?  How does in affect users and what can parents and communities do?

Parents360 Synthetic Drugs ModuleProvides an overview of Bath Salts and K2/Spice.  You can also download a guide for parents and caregivers that addresses the issue of synthetic drugs.

Parents360 Underage Drinking ModuleAddresses the impact of underage drinking and actions parents can take to protect their kids.

Today's Drugs of AbuseThe slidecast discusses today's drugs of abuse by reviewing a few slides from each of the drug-specific modules that can be incorporated into the Parents360 presentation.  It is a recording of a webinar delivered to the National Sheriffs' Association's USA on Watch program.

PACT360 Zipfile Instructions:  This video shows how to download and unzip the files that contain PACT360 PowerPoint presentations, videos, and other documents.


PACT360 Training Template:  Use this presentation when training your community to deliver PACT360.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment e-Book:  How to find the right help for your child with a drug or alcohol problem..

Intervention e-Book:  What to do if your child is using drugs or alcohol.

Grandparent’s Guide:  Find out how to better communicate with your teenage grandchild; learn about the latest drugs; and discover how you can keep your grandchild healthy.

Drug Guide For Parents: The Partnership at's Drug Guide page delivers detailed information about commonly abuse drugs in a number of different ways.