Community Education Programs: Drug Prevention and Early Intervention Education for Parents and Youth

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Grandparents and other caring elders can play a key role in preventing and responding to substance abuse.

Grandparents360:  "Grandparents: You Matter" is a multimedia PowerPoint presentation designed to help grandparents and other caring elders help their grandchildren and other young people they care about avoid substance abuse.

This presentation also contains information on prescription drug abuse -- an important issue for seniors, who can play an important role in preventing this problem.  Information is provided for grandparents who are their grandchild's guardian, as well as those grandparents who live in a different residence.

The zip file includes the PowerPoint presentation, videos, speaker's notes, and a copy of The Partnership at's e-book "The Power of Grandparents," as well as an audience evaluation form and an event report.

To access this content, follow four steps:

  1. Click on this link
  2. Click on the words ""
  3. If the file does not download immediately, click the "Download" arrow.
  4. Once the zip file is downloaded, extract the folder to your desktop.  For more information on handling zip files, click here.

Grandparents do matter.  Help your audiences find out how much and how.