Community Education Programs: Drug Prevention and Early Intervention Education for Parents and Youth

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To enhance the ability of local law enforcement to communicate and interact with engaged community members–especially parents–The Partnership at has developed PACT360, a program of research-based, multimedia community education presentations.  The presentations are designed to mobilize communities and empower and educate parents and teens about the dangers of drugs and alcohol in today’s ever-changing substance abuse landscape.  

PACT360 contains five key programs: Meth360®, Parents360, Youth360, Latino360 and Padres360. These programs provide parents and teens with a “360-degree” view of existing and emerging drug and alcohol issues. They are designed to be delivered by our local partners, law enforcement, prevention and treatment professionals and can be customized to reflect the needs and issues of the community. 

To date, PACT360 has been officially implemented in more than thirty communities across the nation, but has been utilized in many more.  More than 2,200 presenters have been trained in person, and approximately 40,000 people have attended PACT360 presentations. Many more – including visitors from all fifty states and more than 40 foreign nations – have accessed PACT360 online.

Working with local parents, law enforcement officials, substance abuse professionals and those in other key roles, The Partnership at's Community Education website offers a unique way for community stakeholders to connect and help keep kids healthier and safer.
When communities work together to keep kids informed, healthy and aware of the dangers of substance abuse, everyone lives in a better place.