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Teachers do more than impart educational lessons; they can be helpful partners to parents, sharing the same goal of a student’s success and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do teachers interact with kids on substance abuse issues?

Teachers often communicate the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse to their students. They emphasize the importance of prevention and help kids identify ways to handle peer pressure when asked to try drugs or engage in risky behavior. Some teachers work with other members of the school or community to provide substance abuse programs in the classroom.

How do teachers interact with parents on substance abuse issues?

Teachers may provide substance abuse awareness programming to parents to help them identify risky behavior and their role in preventing drug and alcohol abuse. Some teachers send home educational information to parents to help them understand current drug trends and ways of encouraging healthy play both at home and in school.

How can parents reach their child’s teacher?

Parents can contact teachers by calling, visiting or emailing their child's school. If their school has a website, other methods of contact may be listed there. Often, information about how to contact the office is found on school mailings like calendars and pamphlets.

Where can parents go for more information?