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School Resource Officer

A school resource officer provides a police liaison between the school and the police department, and also assists as a member of the school’s staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a school resource officer do?

School resource officers work in their community’s schools, interacting with students, teachers, school administration and parents to promote a safe, healthy and substance-free learning environment. They meet with at-risk students, provide resources to parents and keep in touch with teachers to stay in-the-know about school issues and trends.

How does a school resource officer interact with kids on substance abuse issues?

School resource officers focus heavily on prevention and early intervention. They bring awareness programs into the school environment, talk to students about the dangers of substance abuse and help teachers, students and parents understand the issues and risks within their communities. They also help addicted students get the resources they need to find treatment.

How does a school resource officer interact with parents on substance abuse issues?

School resource officers provide substance abuse resources to parents, direct them to help within their communities and sometimes intervene in a child’s drug issues by contacting the parents and helping the family get substance abuse-related assistance.

How can parents reach a local school resource officer?

Parents can approach a school resource officer at their child’s school or call the school or their local law enforcement agency’s non-emergency number to set up an appointment.