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School Nurse

Keeping an eye out for more than just the health of a school’s students, school nurses can often assist parents with substance abuse prevention, intevention and related resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do school nurses interact with kids on substance abuse issues?

School nurses receive referrals from teachers and other school officials who think a student might have a problem with drugs or alcohol. They may meet with students, talk to them and look for clues that might indicate a drug issue. In certain private schools, kids are regularly drug tested.

Often, school nurses can refer kids to treatment centers and other resources, and provide important prevention information to the students in a school. They may collaborate with school counselors, teachers, the principal or other school officials to make sure their students are not engaging in substance abuse.

How do school nurses interact with parents on substance abuse issues?

School nurses listen to parents who voice concerns that their children may have problems with drugs or alcohol.  Sometimes they assist with prevention programs and seminars to help educate parents about the risks and dangers of substance abuse. They can also provide local substance abuse resources and information to parents.

How can parents reach their child’s school nurse?

Parents can call the school and ask for the school nurse office. Often, information about how to contact the office is found on school mailings like calendars and pamphlets.