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On and off the field, coaches can be helpful when it comes to your child’s character and self-confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do coaches interact with kids on substance abuse issues?

Coaches may be even more involved with the recreational activities of kids than teachers or other school officials, as they tend to become trusted figures in the lives of their athletes. For this reason, coaches have an enhanced responsibility to the kids. They are often the first adult a child approaches if he or she is facing a substance abuse issue, and they usually know how to direct their athletes to resources and help. Sometimes, coaches notify parents if they believe one of their athletes is facing a substance abuse issue.

How do coaches interact with parents on substance abuse issues?

Coaches will often notify parents if they believe their children are engaging in substance abuse or risk behavior of any kind. They can also provide parents with school and community resources to get kids the help they need.

How can parents reach their child’s coach?

Parents can approach their child’s coach directly, call the athletic office, call the school or visit their school’s website to get more information about the best method of contact. They can also visit their school’s website. For general information on school coaches, parents can visit the following: